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Standard Operating Procedures - Covid


  • As per Government regulations, children below 10 years and adults above 65 years will not be permitted at the resort. Sales team must check the age from the IDs of all guests at the time of confirming the booking. The same should be clearly informed to the guest as well.
  • Digital Self-Declaration form has been created. Link will be available with Sales and FO Teams. These must be filled by all individual guests including photo ID. As they submit, they will get a mail on their own mentioned email address. They should then forward that to the concerned sales executive with whom they are coordinating their booking. Once form is received for each member along with advance and checked properly, sales can confirm booking and forward all details to resort. While forwarding information must be properly compiled into one single mail and not multiple forwards. Sales can understand this from me.
  • PDF file with instructions for guests and precautions we take to be sent.
  • In case of walk-in guests, no touching of IDs at resort and only photo to be taken by mobile.
  • Resort will operate with only 18 rooms (56 rooms/3) at a time. So max 36 guests on double and 54 on triple at a time. Any room once occupied cannot be re-allotted to a new guest before minimum 3 days after check-out of previous guest and immediate sanitization thereafter. It should be blocked in occupancy.
  • Housekeeping to put a note on door stating when was the room last occupied and when was full sanitization carried out. Occupancy will be regulated accordingly.

Pick up/Drop

  • Disinfection of the insides of the car with the Diversey Virex II 256 Disinfectant prior 30mins prior to journey
  • Temperature check of the driver compulsory with records
  • Face mask will be compulsory for the drivers
  • Personal hygiene of optimum standards
  • There should be a sanitizer bottle in the vehicle
  • Vehicles parked in the property should be sprayed with disinfectant from outside at least once.



Front Office

Lake lounge will be the new reception venue. Social distancing can be easily performed here. It is also easy to sanitize the area very easily.

  • As soon as the guest arrive. Followed by greet and meet they will be shown the hand wash area. Soap wash compulsory (outside Lake Lounge) adjacent to which will be the electronic hand dryer
  • Followed by which, they will be escorted to the lake lounge and will be individually supervised for temperature check. If temperature is above 98.6 guest will not be permitted and requested to return.
  • Benches where guests sit must be wiped with suitable liquid after every use using R2.
  • Guest Registration card to be signed and sent by guests prior to check in, in situations where that has not occurred prior have options of use and throw pens at the front desk
  • Copy of essential information along with the welcome card will be shared and explained. These should be pre-stacked and guests asked to pick themselves instead of any staff handing it over.
  • Provide Mask and Gloves to the guest if not carrying or wearing. Charge cost for this. We may decide to give a face shield free of cost to each guest irrespective on arrival.
  • There should be a bucket with soap water in which glasses used for water and welcome drink should be put after use by the guests themselves. Both items on self- service to be picked by guest from tables.
  • Luggage will be sprayed using Diversey Virex II 256 Disinfectant and will be shifted to the guest rooms only after 20 minutes.
  • Collection of payment should be 100% advance preferably but if any payment has to be collected at check-in then it should be contactless as far as possible. If cash is collected then staff must put it in UV Disinfectant Box for prescribed time duration and immediately wash hands with soap.
  • If there are many guests at the same time they should be directed to sit separately and maintain distance.


During stay

Housekeeping Procedures

  • One Pillow will be the standard per guest. Guests can request more if required.
  • Extra cushions, runners, slippers, stationery, newsletters or any item which is not necessary and not possible to wash regularly should also be removed.
  • Room amenities such as comb, hair-oil, face wash, moisturizers, shaving kit, dental kit and vanity kit will be on request. Once issued in the room will be discarded and will not be recycled in any form.
  • Dispensers in the wash rooms will be sanitized after every checkout or during cleaning requests.
  • Washing the Mattress protector will be compulsory after check-out if we are unable to install dry sheets
  • Housekeeping service will be provided after two nights stay until requested by guests to avoid contact with team members. Unless the guest requests for the same.
  • Dry Sheet Covers will be installed for pillows and will be sanitized after guest use. Fresh Pillow covers will be used on top of the dry sheets.
  • Curtains in the rooms will be sprayed with Diversey Virex II 256
  • Villa attendants will compulsorily use gloves and face masks/shields while guest interactions or while performing any form of service.
  • Use of trays to receive or give any amenities or items upon request.
  • Marking of touch points like doors/wardrobe handles, knobs, bath fittings, hooks, switches, remotes, chair/sofa arms, room phones, books, cycle handles, sports equipment etc. and sanitize with R2.
  • Liquid hand sanitizers to be provided in all public areas and living or TV rooms for guest use.
  • Used linen should not be shaken and removed slowly and put into bags. Shaking or dusting may cause infection to spread.


  • Guest Laundry should be discouraged as far as possible.
  • Dirty Linen from all check-out rooms will be only handled by a trained single individual for all check-out rooms including transporting it to the laundry itself.
  • Disinfection of solid room linen and staff uniforms will be done by dipping it into soap water solution and soak it for at least 10 mins before wash. Diversey Clax Sept. 7WL1 will an additional chemical for disinfection during wash.
  • Washing procedure will take place once the linen goes through soaking process.


Public Areas:

  • Doors in all public areas will remain open hence sanitization will happen only at regular intervals.
  • Washrooms in all public areas will remain either shut or operational with limited accessibility at fixed timings (lunch / dinner/ activity time) necessarily with attendant.
  • Swimming pool will remain shut till further instructions from Government.
  • Spa services will remain shut till further instructions from Government and whenever possible will open with their own SOP's to follow.
  • Karaoke room will be open subject to guests wearing the face shields provided by us at all times specially while singing and provided they agree to buy fresh hand gloves. We will also put a cotton sleeve over the mic which will be disposable and sanitize mic handles using R2 before and after every group.
  • Activity area will be open for guests wearing masks and gloves. Items using can be disinfected using R2.
  • Documentary shows can be arranged in guest rooms itself.
  • Steam, Yoga & Nature Walks will be recommended.
  • Main jhula will be sanitized every half hour or immediately after guest use.
  • Hand wash stations to be identified and have hand wash dispensers with paper towels and dustbins.
  • Marking of touch points and sanitize with the 70% Alcohol based sanitizers.
  • Parking and other flooring area to be clean with chlorine concentration with water.
  • All mops/ cloth dusters etc. must be soaked in soap water for minimum 1 minute before/after every use.



  • Advise Guests to use their personal bathrooms and wash their hands before coming to restaurant.
  • Buffet service/ live counters will be discontinued to avoid multiple guest contact and crowding.
  • Menu of the day will be served on the table of guests.
  • Restaurant seating will be set in a manner (50% capacity) such that social distancing can be maintained.
  • One single individual will be handling guest clearance of all tables and leave the soiled cutlery and crockery directly in the utility area in soap water.
  • Team members amongst themselves too will perform social distancing at all times.
  • Meal serving time slots will be extended based on the guest foot fall. Guests will be advised to pre-inform their preferred time slot.
  • In-room dinning option will be availed. similar to the restaurant, clearance from rooms will only be handled by one single trained handler. However, the guests will have to pre-order at least 2 hours prior for us to reach serve food on time as requested by guests. This will be subject to staff availability and an extra charge for this service (Rs. 100/- per guest).



  • All items should be kept in a separate open area for sufficient time. All items to be sanitized first before bringing into store.
  • All groceries, fruits, vegetables, non-veg items to be marked with the date of purchase.
  • Items kept in the store to be cleaned regularly with 100 PPM chlorine for sanitizing non veg items and 50 PPM for veg items. Tanks for washing vegetable and non-Veg items will be installed outside the stores followed by which it will be stored in their respective areas.
  • Avoid storing foods in higher quantity.
  • Secondary layer packaging shall be removed at the security gate & disposed carefully. First layer products will directly go to the store room.
  • All items to be issued in loose to the Kitchen team and no packing should be sent to the kitchen.


F & B Production area

  • Working stations should be installed away from each other maintaining social distancing.

  • Divide kitchen area into 3 areas- Range critical operational area, non-range critical area &

    • Pre preparation area
    • non-range critical area
    • range critical operational area
  • All utensils should be rinsed and cleaned both before and after using them.

  • Only required staff should be present in the kitchen and sharing of kitchen articles and equipment should be avoided wherever possible.

  • Kitchen should be clean and disinfected at regular intervals. Check-Out

  • Main Gate should not allow any guest to leave without a pass from Reception.

  • Guest must inform Check-out time in advance and come to reception when called to avoid gathering and overcrowding at check-out desk.

  • Provide E Bills to the guest and collect the payment online and provide the bills in mails.

  • Try to get all details early only and make arrangements as per the details.

  • Card swap machine and CC sanitizer’s need to keep it at desk. In case of cash payment see check-in protocol.


Staff safety and Guideline for safety

  • Each and every team member has to report at the security gate for respiratory check and temperature check before the beginning and end of their shifts. (Security to keep a log for the same)
  • Clean Uniform with all the safety gears such as gloves and mask should be used at all times.
  • Staff should avoid long talks and try to be in minimal contacts with the guests.
  • Staff will not be permitted to leave the premises without permission from the GM.
  • Do not shake hands with guests, instead use Namaste while greeting them.
  • In case of any team member having fever / cough / cold / or feeling sick will be sent to the designated quarantine room for staff. He will not be allowed to get in touch with anyone.

All team members need to mandatorily follow the SOP relevant for their department.

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