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Pench National Park experiences a tropical kind of climate and there are drastic variations in the climatic conditions in Pench. It has hot summers, cold winters, and heavy rainfall.
October to February: 

The National Park usually opens with the start of October during the onset of winter. This is the blossom season for the forest and Pench becomes a photographer’s delight. At this time Pench experiences wintry winds that lower the temperature. The mercury dips down to 4 degrees Celsius. On some morning as you enter the park in the shivering cold, you can see frost on the grass.

While spotting a tiger could be tough during winters, that’s not all there’s to the forest. The best part about a jungle safari in winter is that you will find just one color in abundance – green. Monsoon leaves its mark on Pench in the form of a thick blanket of green. Who knows, you could even be lucky enough to see a tiger hunt for its prey!

Back at our resort, if you feel cold, we have an indoor heated swimming pool so that you can relax in the hot water even when it is chilly outside! Once you’re done with swimming, you can have some special drinks from the Jungle Bar that will give you a *hic* good night’s sleep! *wink*

Suggested clothing/gear: At this time of the year we suggest you pack your bags with good warm clothes like warm jackets, fleece, sweaters, mufflers, beanie, shoes, etc. We do provide blankets on the safaris/excursions.

March to June: 
March sees the beginning of summers. The trees lose most of the leaves and the forest appears to be really dry. The mercury rises up to 45 degrees Celsius and the afternoons become blistering hot. The lack of water during this season propels most of the animals towards water bodies and animal sightings increase exponentially.

Summers bring a sure shot chance for you to spot wildlife in the jungle. Just head to a water body and you might find a family of tigers lazying around, keeping themselves hydrated. Make sure you carry a fully charged camera inside as you don’t want to miss bringing the memory of a tiger in the wild back home!

As for the resort, we have special arrangements during summers in the form of our indoor swimming pool. Now you don’t have to worry about tanning while taking a dip in the cold water of the swimming pool. For those who are not teetotalers, we serve a variety of chilled beers with lip-smacking food. Which one would you like to have?

Suggested clothing/gear: Bring some light cotton clothes like T-shirts, shorts, etc. Do not forget a good quality sunscreen (at-least SPF 30).

July to September: 

These are the monsoon months here. The average rainfall annually is around 1300 mm in the months of July and August and as such the jungle safari is only partially open. The rains bring new life to the forest. The temperature remains very pleasant but it may get very humid at times.

A safari in the jungle during monsoon might give you a chance to see peacocks dancing. You would love to watch how little streams of water from inside the jungle to give it an appearance that looks right out of Alice in Wonderland. To make sure you enjoy the monsoon at our resort fully, our expert chefs make Pakodas and Chai that will make you come back for more!

Suggested clothing/gear: Light cotton clothing will be enough along with a set of the raincoat. Do not forget to bring a good quality insect repellent. We provide umbrellas to our guests.

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