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About Us

Originating from village 'Loyal' in Sikar district of RAJASTHAN, our 'Proud-to-be-a-Marwadi' family shifted to Jharia, Bihar in 1898. After an initial struggle, the family successfully owned and ran several Coal Mines till they were nationalized in 1973. The joint family shifted to Nagpur in parts, between 1973 and 1980.

The successful business ventures here included 'Ravindra Steel Ltd' and 'Gaurav Paper Mills' that brought us back on firm footing. Late Subhas Babu founded our Independent Group in 1990. He was a well-known Industrialist of this region, recognized for his life principles and clean business ethics. He was a highly respected social figure and an accomplished sportsman. A very good badminton player himself, he remained President of the Badminton Federation of India for 15 long years.

He attained International fame when he represented India several times in the intellectual card game of 'Bridge and was honoured with the coveted 'Shri Shiv Chattrapati Award' by the government in 1984. We take pride in living life by the high standards set by him.

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