Swimming Pool

One of our most popular Facilities… hope you too will love it!

Pool Rules

Indoor Pool

Our decision to make it indoor was based on 3 observations. First, that the Indian sun is too strong even in winters, thus making an outdoor pool non-useable for most part of the day, while our pool can be used for the entire day and also at late hours with permission and supervision. Second, that being in the forest area there is always a possibility of having various creatures like frogs, snakes, scorpions etc. looming near the water which is totally avoided in an Indoor pool and lastly, the hygiene, water quality and privacy in an indoor pool is far greater!

Outdoor Extension

The large glass windows of the pool hall overlook a nicely landscaped outdoor area that provides for sunbathing loungers, open shower area, casual seating area and a quite atmosphere to enjoy your book or drink!

Centrally Heated

The water temperature is maintained at an inviting 29-30* Celsius. It doesn’t chill you to your bones and is still good enough to refresh you. In the winter months guests love to stay in the pool for long hours as they find it most comforting.

Air-cooled Hall

To cater to the hot summer months we have centrally air-cooled the pool hall. With the water heater turned off and the air-coolers providing cool air-flow, this hall becomes a much sought after zone.


Effective water filters are in place and our team maintains sparkling and crystal clear water quality at all times.


The depth of the pool is 3.75’ at the shallow end and 4.0’ at the deep end.


Few basic rules must be followed to ensure continuity of a good facility so kindly co-operate
a. Proper swimming costume / gear is compulsory to enter the pool. Home clothes are strictly not permitted.
b. Guests must have a shower either outdoors or in the changing rooms before entering the pool.
c. Diving is strictly prohibited as the depth is just 4 feet.
d. Food and beverages strictly not permitted in Pool area.
e. Pets not permitted in Pool area.
f. Coming out of the pool area in only swimming costumes is strictly not acceptable.
g. Swimming Pool open only from 8 am till 8 pm on all days unless otherwise stated.

So GO… have a SPLASH!!!