Naturalist Profile

Ashish Pardhi (27) a young enthusiastic champ from Gondia, Maharastra did his Higher Secondary from Tirora High school and soon after he went through deferent waves of life before he join as a gypsy driver in Nagzira Tiger Reserve and started his wildlife carrier from 2010, by the time he got his interest and experience on wildlife. He joined Tathastu as a Naturalist from December 2015. He has lot of interest in Mammals and Birds and his keen scenes on tracking wild animal’s gives him the special advantage on jungle. At Tathastu he also handles the In-house Activity as an Activity In-charge. And finally at Tathastu “He is the man for all season and man for all reason”.

Ashish Pardhi

Priyabrata Das

Priyabrata (25), a young passionate boy from Kolkata is currently pursuing his bachelors in History Honours. From a young age he was passionate towards wildlife and that’s what brought him to his first work place at Bangalore Zoo. As a senior zoo keeper he nurtured the mammals, marsupials, reptiles and also took care of endangered birds. He also gave his services at a NGO in Kolkata where they used to conduct snake awareness program in the rural areas of West Bengal. He is a certified Rock climber from H.M.A Institute. Priyabrata also has an eye for photography and his photographs have been recognised in local dailies.

Ratan Lal Tanan (50 yrs) popularly known as Ratanji is originally from Rajasthan but has been in Pench since year 2000. Even though he has not taken any formal training as a naturalist, he has acquired appreciable knowledge of the forest and its denizens during his long stays in the jungles while working as a contractor for the forest department. His special connect with the locals, especially guides and gypsy drivers, enables him understand the animal movements on previous days and gives him an edge in planning the drives. He makes up for his inability to speak or understand English by his enthusiasm and efforts.

Ratan Lal Tanan

Mayuresh Joshi

Mayuresh Joshi (24 yrs) is a silent nature lover who loves to enjoy nature with its every mood. Mayuresh is a keen observer and a passionate bird watcher. He has been involved in rescue of wild animals, birds, snakes and also in the management of distressed wild animals. He is associated with renowned conservationists from Nagpur and has been taking part in diverse conservation activities. He also participated in the wildlife census carried out by the Forest Department of Maharashtra. After working in the Tadoba jungle for two years, he has now moved to Pench, the Land of Mowgli and Sherkhan.