Challenging Expeditions

Are you one of the brave hearts who would like to do ‘somethings’ challenging?
Great!!! So look at some of options we already have for you and if you need something to be custom designed for you, then do get in touch.
Most of these services are outsourced to professionals so they all need advance planning.

3 Day Jungle Trek from Rukkhad to Sakta–

Organised periodically by the Forest Department of Pench Tiger Reserve, this trek has been well received. There is always a possibility of getting permission for an exclusive group event, provided there are a minimum of 15 participants. The charges were a modest Rs. 8000/- per person including food and stay.
A young Tathastu guest Mr. Aman Vali was one of the participants in the previous trek and he has promised to share his experience with some photos shortly.
We will be happy to assist you in coordinating this event or you may also directly write to or contact Tourism Manager, PTR on 09926715993 / 07692-223794

Pre-planned and Supervised cycle expeditions-

We were really impressed when this group of 5 enthusiasts gave a small presentation of what and how they can organise customised cycle expeditions! Very professional to say the least, right from the preparation, equipment, safety, back-up, trail info, wildlife knowledge and personal supervision. We were compelled to pass on their offer to you dear guests so do enjoy this offer!
This can be as short as 20 kms round trip in a single day or as much as 300 kms over 4-5 days or as you may like to pace it out.
We will be happy to assist you in coordinating this event or you may also directly write to or talk to Mohan on 8888544442 / Anil on 9881713338

Overnight camping at Sitakassa / Bawanthadi (by Cycle or Mobike)-

Our local team of in-house Tathastu naturalists along with some free lancers can design very interesting overnight camping for you at very scenic nearby selected spots. You could choose to go by cycle or even motor bikes. This outing involves setting up the tent, collecting firewood, cooking your food, maybe star gazing, jungle lore, night walk on the first day and finally a field job, a river bath, unpegging and packing the tent, cleaning up and back to pavilion!
This outing is adventurous and demanding if you choose to cycle and yet it is a lot of fun so do call us and coordinate!!

Activities Organised by PTR

Joy Ride (1 hour)
Machaan Safari
Full day Photography / Videography
Half Day Trekking from Telia to Khawasa (5 Kms)
Nature Trails (2.5 to 5 Kms)

We will be happy to assist you in coordinating this event or you may also directly write to or visit or contact on 76920 223794.

This chapter about ‘DEMANDING EXPEDIATIONS’ can never be complete without mentioning this awesome organisation of daredevils known as ‘CAC Allrounder’. These guys never fail to amaze us, what with their innovative ideas, stunning stunts, quick-fire games set up, team building activities and what not. You ask and they provide. They are the ones who set up the Burma Bridge across the Tathastu Lake.
We will be happy to assist you in coordinating special events with them or you may also directly write to or you may talk to Amol on 9370772227 .
We will be happy to try out new options for your group if you wish to engage us further!!